Extreme dental footage


We are looking for usable video footage of dental work being done.
Ideally close ups of drills drilling teeth, drilling cavities or other
mouth diseases, a tooth being pulled from the gums, a syringe
injecting into the gums, extreme dental infections- short clips are
fine. Ideally downloadable footage.

Request for Question Clarification :

I I am not sure about which kind of footage you are looking for but when
I enter a search for "dentistry videos" I found some interesting
results. I will list some of them here and leave it to your honesty to
tell me if this is what you are looking for (in which case I will post
this as an answer) or clarify so that I can better direct my search.

Some of the videos I found are
http://www.dental-videos.com/main/dentistryprocedures.php ( you have to register to see these but registration is free and painless)
http://www.dentalvideos.com/catalog/ These videos are not free
Here there is a list of sites in the UK that have medical footage
more dental footage here
and here
and more here

Please let me know if any of this matches your needs if not we can look further

Clarification of Question :

Thanks you so much for the swift response- unfortunately we've been to
a number of the sites that you mentioned and (i apologize for not
being specific enough earlier) although dental-videos.com has the type
of footage we need, they only have extremely low resolution windows
media or flash videos, and we need them to be playable as downloadable quicktimes (or if there is some way to get the dental-videos.com videos on video tape from them...).

Really the answer that we're looking for is ideally links to
quicktime-playable videos specifically of a drill drilling teeth, a
syringe injecting into gums, a tooth being pulled from the gums,
rather than simply links to sites with dental footage.

Clarification of Answer :

Thank you for your clarification now I have a better understanding of
what you need. I have found these and it is only a start and maybe
they stilldon't match your need ( I couldn't find anything as simple
as a drilling or extraction ) but see if some of them could interest


(this might not work because it's animation)




I have also found something in the Huntley archives but this is
historical dentistry footage from the 1950/60 etc, I am not sure what
your purpose is so I don't know if that interest you.

I also sent an email to dentalvideos.com asking of their footage is
available in higher resolution and I'm waiting for an answer. I will
keep looking ....

Request for Question Clarification :

I got a reply from http://dentalvideos.com/

here it is, I still haven't recieved the list of video that he thinks
are suitable for you but I will post it as soon as I get it. Let me
know if this can interest you

"Good morning ....
Thank you for contacting The Registry.

Certainly as the primary international distibutor of dental programs, we
have programs in foremats video, CD-ROM or DVD that I expect will be
suitable for your objective.
Permit my assumption that you seek programs produced in English, for
delivery in the U.S., with video in standard NTSC suitable for U.S.
Many of our listings are 'CEU' qualified, - Continual Dental Education,
required for license renewals in U.S. and Canada, and many include printed Study Guides - with CEU forms including test questions.
Certainly you may select programs from our internet web site. However we have continual 'discount sale' listings - programs in temporary surplus, offered at large discount from list price, until surplus is sold. Provide a postal address, and I shall send the current discount list, plus schedule of new 2006 selections and One of a Kind selections.

Later today - by email - I shall send list of about ten programs with
comment as to their content and production. Then you may select any or all of the ten for preview, to determine if they are suitable for you.
After the first 'preview' is compete, you may obtain repeat previews in the future.
For first sale event, we require prepayment - by check or credit card - but thereafter, you have Preview Option, whereby you preview selections, then return any you deem not suitable, and make payment for selections that you retain. Also for a prepaid first sale, you have return and refund option for 30 days.

Clarification of Question :

this place seems good, however we will need to be able to view the
footage online to decide if its what we need before purchasing.
dental-videos.com as opposed to dentalvideos.com allows us to do this, but i dont see any way to purchase their videos at a better

Request for Question Clarification :

Unfortunately I tried to contact both dental-videos.com and
dentalvideos.com but the only one that replied was dentalvideo.com.
I got another email from them today, here it is

Certainly you are best judge of your selections of dentistry programs.
Considering your inquiry as to demonstrative programs that present
drilling, syringe injection and tooth pulling, I expect that you seek
basic programs.
So I pick some basic programs that may be suitable. All are produced
in English. All are available in video cassette, except 2102 DVD, and
note that the 5 in 1700 series are available in video or DVD; same
Prices noted are list prices, before 5% discount for domestic delivery
and 5% discount for 'Welcome to the Registry.' For example if program
list price is $100, deduct 10%.

We do not charge for delivery and there are no sales or other taxes.
Certainly you may view these listings on our web site: From page one,
select all English programs, then the 4-digit number. Then see title,
contents summary, length and list price.
Note that if you provide postal address I shall send to you our
'Welcome' letter, list of new 2006 programs, list of surplus supply
discount programs, and One of a Kind list.

If you have interest in any or all of my 9 selections, tell me. We can
deliver quickly.

1539 Fundamentals of Dentistry 3hrs 34min $112

1657 Practice of Excellence 4hrs 6min 120

1704 Oral Surgery Simplified 2hrs 55min 125

1716 Simplifying Difficult Extractions 2hrs 59min 135

1730 Oh No! Not the Shot! 42min 135

1754 Pediatric Oral Surgery 2hrs 49min 130

1783 Team Approach - Surgery 1hr 53min 115

2056 General Anesthesia 53min 45

2102 Clinical Conference 4hrs DVD 166

All 1700 selections include printed Study Guide and CEU test form.

Contact me if questions."

I understand that not being able to see the content on line is a major
roadblock but you can still purchase one to check out the type and
quality and then return it within 30 days.

"For first sale event, we require prepayment - by check or credit card - but thereafter, you have Preview Option, whereby you preview selections, then return any you deem not suitable, and make payment for selections that you retain. Also for a prepaid first sale, you have return and refund option for 30 days."

In the meantime I will try again to contact dental-video and see if
they answer this time

Clarification of Question :

ok, so we're willing to buy a bunch of these vhs tapes and then send
back the ones we dont want to use. How can we go about getting in
touch with these people to do this ? Ee need it ASAP


Here are the contact information

The Registry of dental videos

PO Box 941
Norcross GA
30091 USA

Toll Free 800-237-1654
Intl (770) 449-6424
Fax (770) 449-0860

atlanta @ worldregistry.net

The person that you will have to contact is S.T. Rainoff.
He his the person that sent both the mail above.